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Golden Legacy Illustrated Black History Magazine

Endorsement from NAACP, National Urban League…

From Dr. Wesley, Former Executive Director of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History and President of Central State College: “We have been aware of the visual presentation of history in its immediate values for learning both by children and adults. Your presentations in illustrated history form in color have been tried out by us on several children, and they have read and looked with deep interest, and have said that they had enjoyed this type of reading. These issues should be placed in the hands of all children, black and white, and they will learn the facts with less effort ….”

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Endorsements from Educators, Students & Parents

I read Golden Legacy at a neighbor’s house and was very impressed by it. I found it very enlightening to me as an adult, and I know the magazines will be educational and enlightening to my younger sisters and brothers as well.

– Brenda Landers, Chapel Oaks, MD

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